Translating Research into Practice

Mindfulness Activity #177

Quick Mindfulness for Stress or Fatigue Good Morning. I’m not sure about

Mindfulness Activity #175

Rolling with Change… Good Morning. There is a difference between noticing something

Mindfulness Activity #174

Good Vibes… Good Morning. Sitting in loving kindness is a great way

Mindfulness Activity #173

Shoshin Hello. Sometimes we might find ourselves stuck in negative thinking patterns.

Mindfulness Activity #172

Cat & Cow Spine Stretch Practice Good morning! Mindfulness seeks to have

Mindfulness Activity #171

Being Effective Good Morning. The topic of today’s mindfulness blast is being

Mindfulness Activity #170

Gratitude for Today Good Morning. Today’s practice is about gratitude. We are

Mindfulness Activity #169

Imagination through Art Good Morning. I was reading an article written by

Mindfulness Activity #168

Do One Thing Today I am feeling excited by the prospect of

Mindfulness Activity #167

Top of Breath While Walking Good Morning. Today’s practice can be done

Mindfulness Activity #166

Good Morning. Apologies for my lack of mindfulness yesterday. I got caught

Mindfulness Activity #165

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Good Morning People! Have you ever woken up, thought

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