Benefits for PAU Alumni

Palo Alto University’s Division of Continuing and Professional Studies, CONCEPT, is dedicated to supporting PAU alumni by offering premium professional training and CE credits at discount prices.

Our live and on-demand trainings drive professional growth and personal enrichment, transforming mental health generalists into specialists thanks to content from leading subject matter experts. We offer training through an
easy-to-use, learner-centric platform with an ability to flex to different formats to suit varied needs and learning styles.

The Process

Set yourself apart with digital credentials from one of our certificate programs

Complete badge-earning programs to earn a certificate or certification, which can be showcased to prospective employers and clients on platforms like LinkedIn.


Develop specialty skills and explore career paths while earning CEs

Earning digital credentials is a low-risk way to explore career paths and develop or maintain competence in specialty areas. Satiate your desire for continuous learning while staying on-top-of emerging research.



What is CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies?

CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies is committed to excellence and to providing continuing, graduate-level education to professionals throughout their careers. Rather than simply providing continuing education (‘CE’), we provide premium professional training; different from typical ‘CE’ in that it offers both breadth and depth of coverage in specialty topics, developed and delivered by experts on that topic.CONCEPT is an approved CE provider for psychologists (APA, CPA, BPS), counselors (NBCC), social workers (ASWB) and allied professionals.

We also share practical tips through our curated blog series - The Business of Practice - focusing on career development and guidance. 

What Benefits Do You Offer Current PAU Students, Faculty & Staff?

Current PAU students, faculty & staff are also eligible for discounts on any CONCEPT training programs. Visit our PAU Benefits page for details.

Recently Graduated from PAU? We have a Gift for You!

Each year, in conjunction with PAU External/Alumni Affairs, we offer a graduation gift of training with CEs to new graduates:
  • Graduates are sent a gift by email to their email address.
  • Graduates have one year to register for the complimentary CONCEPT training.
  • Graduates can register for the CONCEPT training gift with an email address of their choice.