Translating Research into Practice

Mindfulness Activity #200

Better Sleep I joke with one of the administrators that I work

Mindfulness Activity #198

Persistence Good Morning. Zen teaches us that often our problems often result

Mindfulness Activity #199

Breath to Create Positive Energy Good Morning. Whenever you wake up and

Mindfulness Activity #197

Mindfulness with Light There is a difference between noticing something and being

Mindfulness Activity #196

Mindfulness with Weight Good Morning. Today’s practice involves sensation to weight. Many

Mindfulness Activity #195

Join My Brief Mindfulness Practice Today Good Morning! Cold and rainy here…thought

Mindfulness Activity #194

Willfulness Good Morning. Nothing grows willfulness and anger like willfulness in others.

Mindfulness Activity #193

Using Mindfulness to Regulate Mood Good Morning. One of the main benefits

Mindfulness Activity #192

Balance Filter Good Morning. Each morning, I get an email that digests

Mindfulness Activity #191

Observe Leaves for Three Minutes Good Morning. Today’s practice involves simply observing

Mindfulness Activity #190

Fall Mindfulness Good Morning. Today is an absolutely beautiful fall morning. So,

Mindfulness Activity #189

Befriending Your Experience Good morning. The great mindfulness teacher, Jon Kabat Zinn

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