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Alexithymia: Clinical and Forensic Implications

Those afflicted with alexithymia often struggle chronically with emotional awareness, and are much more likely to suffer from an array of disorders. 

Designed for those working in criminal justice, forensic mental health, and legal settings, this 1-hour training will give you a working understanding of the definitions, causes, and consequences of alexithymia. 


June 2nd, 2021



Multi-Level Guidelines Version 2 (MLG-V2)

Are you a risk management professional? If so, then we think you’d like to know about our 2-day workshop, Multi-level Guidelines Version 2 (MLG-V2).

With MLG-V2, you will gain expertise on the significant research, practice, and legal updates made to the MLG, a critical tool for assessing and managing group-based violence.

Given that group-based violence is a serious and prevalent problem, it is critical for professionals to learn best practices to prevent future incidents and tragedies. In this workshop, you will learn how to mitigate risk within gangs, hate crimes, and organized crime.


June 3rd & 4th, 2021



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CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies at Palo Alto University exists to elevate the level of practice and professional fulfillment for mental health and allied professionals through premium, customizable courses taught by leading subject matter experts.  Our innovative, high-quality, and flexible post-graduate training is offered through an easy-to-use, learner-centric platform or in-person, with an ability to flex to different formats to suit varied needs and learning styles. Our programs provide meaningful training to fill education gaps, helping our students practice lifelong excellence.

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