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Violence Risk Assessment Certificate

For professionals who want to invest in their careers while earning CEs. With 70 hours of foundational training and 80 hours of specialized content, this certificate program spans 150 hours of content across 10 programs.





What You Can Expect

This Certificate program includes a 10 courses, with 70 hours of foundational training and 80 hours of specialized content. In this program, you will explore:

  • Whether and under what conditions someone is likely to commit violence.

  • How to intervene with preventive measures, and manage risk for violence.



You will learn how to demonstrate mastery of specialty skills crucial for different kinds of employers, including:

  • Community Mental Health Agencies
  • Forensic Hospitals
  • Correctional Facilities
  • State Hospitals

For each on-demand training program you complete, you will earn a badge which can be shared digitally on platforms like LinkedIn. When you complete all the badge-earning programs listed, you will become eligible to apply to complete six months of consultation.

NOTE: Programs can be purchased one at a time.

Foundational Programs (70 hours)

Specialty Programs: Violence Risk Assessment (80 hours)

Enhance Your Competitive Edge

Enhance your career by developing a meaningful, in-demand skill set.

For those who wish to enhance their competitive edge, the Certificate in Violence Risk Assessment is a very good option. The training in this certificate program allows professionals the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specialty skills crucial for many different kinds of employers, such as community mental health agencies, forensic hospitals, correctional facilities, state hospitals, and more.

Increase your chance of getting hired and undergo meaningful professional development with this credential by learning the theoretical, empirical, and practical skills to reliably conduct forensic violence risk and threat assessments.

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