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Judicial Council of California

CONCEPT has five courses that are approved by the Judicial Council of

Dr. Nancy Wolff presents keynote address at IAFMHS

Dr. Nancy Wolff presented his keynote address-- Person-First Equals Cost-Effective: It's Simple,

Dr. Richard Tremblay presents keynote address at IAFMHS

Dr. Richard Tremblay presented his keynote address-- From Forensic Mental Health to

Dr. Rees Tapsell presents keynote address at IAFMHS

Increasing firearm responsibility and safety and reducing mental health stigma to allow

Case Rate – Organize, Calculate, Compare

Case Rate (, developed by Dr. Neil Gowensmith and his team

Words of Caution: Recommendations to Consider when Interviewing Patients with a History of Aggression or Violence

This article discusses some of the issues that arise when interviewing individuals

APLS 2019 Presidential Address by Dr. Kevin Douglas

Dr. Kevin Douglas presented his Presidential address--Accomplishments and Aspirations: The Role of

AAFP Distinguished Contributions Award Address by Dr. Stephen Hart

Dr. Stephen Hart was awarded the American Academy of Forensic Psychology's Distinguish

Dr. Eve Brank presents her Presidential Address at the American Psychology-Law Society meeting (video)

Dr. Eve Brank, President of the American Psychology-Law Society, presents her address

Dr. Itiel Dror IAFMHS Keynote Address - CONCEPT Professional Training

Dr. Itiel Dror presents keynote address on The Pitfalls in Forensic Assessments

Tom Grisso 2016 IAFMHS Keynote Address - CONCEPT Professional Training

Dr. Tom Grisso presents keynote address on Juvenile Sentencing and What Forensic

AP-LS 2017 Presidential Address

Dr. David DeMatteo presented his Presidential address "AP-LS and the Field of

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