Case Study: RSVP Training Australia

Case Study: RSVP Training Australia

In 2021, a group of international practitioners from Australia requested specialized live training to access within their time zone. Specifically, they wanted an advanced training on the Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol - Version 2 (RSVP-V2), a program provided by CONCEPT in partnership with Protect International. 

Step 1: Evaluate Needs

To provide the best experience possible for the program participants, the CONCEPT team coordinated a two-day live training session with Protect International for interested Australian practitioners, in their time zone.  

Given that CONCEPT events are traditionally based on Pacific Time, the Australian team was historically unable to take full advantage of  the debate, discussion, and networking that is a crucial part of all live trainings. Because of this, many never had the chance to learn from their peers–a missed opportunity. 

Step 2: Develop a Customized Program

The program resulted in an internationally accessible course, with 90% of the practitioners claiming the content was both relevant to and applicable in their practice.

The course content allowed Australian practitioners to:

  • Take advantage of a customized, live training that fit their schedules
  • Engage in a specialized curriculum to meet their advanced needs
  • Attend a live training as a group, creating a learning community with meaningful debate
    and discussion

Step 3: Seamless Training Experience

For this training, the most crucial aspect centered on producing an event that took into account three Australian time zones. 

Dr. Stephen D. Hart, Ph.D, the presenter for this program,  facilitated meaningful debate while answering participants’ questions, creating a valuable learning environment where participants learned from him as well as one another. 

As part of this program, participants received 1-month of access to an RSVP-V2 e-manual after the event in addition to a discounted price toward a physical copy of the manual.

Step 4: Assess Performance

In a follow-up evaluation, we found that:

  • 84% of program participants would recommend the training to others
  • 93% of program participants thought the presenter, Dr. Stephen D. Hart, Ph.D., demonstrated superior knowledge in the content area
  • 93% of program participants thought the presenter was responsive to participants, leading to an engaging learning experience

Given the goals of this training, the evaluation helped confirm a successful event.

Since its inception in 2009, CONCEPT has built a strong reputation by providing high-quality professional training to over 27,000 mental health professionals in 72 countries. With an extensive database of over 50,000 mental health professionals, CONCEPT offers over 1,000 hours of training content in forensic mental health which will be further expanded as it merges content with PAU course offerings. All training programs are based on the latest research and evidence-based practices, which enables participants to incorporate relevant, up-to-date information based on a solid scientific foundation into their practice. In addition to professional training, CONCEPT provides free resources to promote lifelong learning and to allow participants to stay at the top of their practice throughout their careers.

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