Case Study: Board Certification

Case Study: Board Certification

Dr. Kyle Clayton, Ph.D., ABPP is a Board Certified Forensic Psychologist and Associate at Price | Proctor, a forensic psychology and neuropsychology partnership practice. Dr. Clayton provides consultation and assessment services to various agencies including federal, local, and private groups in Texas. To earn his board certification, Dr. Clayton sought out training with leading experts in the forensic field.

Step 1: Evaluate Educational Needs

Dr. Kyle Clayton’s educational needs center around earning his forensic board certification and completing continuing education credits. When looking for board certification study material, Dr. Clayton opted for CONCEPT where he felt leading experts from the forensic field were all available in one location. Listed below but not limited to, Dr. Clayton shared a handful of the top professionals he sought out during his studies. 

Step 2: Customize Specialized Training

To satisfy study requirements, Dr. Clayton explored a range of general programs and specialty training areas. Dr. Clayton chose presenters and topics essential to his forensic psychology private practice and board certification needs. Indispensable skills in his practice include risk assessments, insanity evaluations, competency to stand trial, and case law updates. To hone his forensic skills, Dr. Clayton enrolled in the following programs:

Step 3: Browse User-Friendly & Accessible Materials

Whether Dr. Kyle Clayton was on a run or taking the kids to school, CONCEPT’s programs were readily accessible and provided user-friendly training in a variety of modalities. Dr. Clayton freely switched back and forth between his laptop and cell phone, noting the excellent picture and sound quality.

Dr. Clayton shared the most important factors were the quality of the presenters, the relevancy of the program topics, and the accessibility of the materials. In addition to highly in-demand professional experts, CONCEPT also provides supplemental resources to help its students succeed professionally and beyond.

Step 4: Revisit Professional Network

Dr. Kyle Clayton explained how valuable CONCEPT’s programs were in obtaining his Board Certification in Forensic Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Dr. Clayton referenced CONCEPT as a key hub where everyone can easily connect. 

As part of his preparation for a professional presentation, Dr. Clayton revisited his connection to a leading expert in the forensic psychology field, Dr. Patricia Zapf, for reference material. Within the evolving field of forensic psychology, Dr. Clayton described the mentorship available as an advantage over other continuing education programs.

Step 5: Outcomes

With the help of CONCEPT’s specialized continuing education programs, Dr. Kyle Clayton now holds his Board Certification in Forensic Psychology. And, Dr. Clayton utilizes his reinvigorated knowledge in his daily private practice while maintaining expansive professional connections. 

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Since its inception in 2009, CONCEPT has built a strong reputation by providing high-quality professional training to over 27,000 mental health professionals in 72 countries. With an extensive database of over 50,000 mental health professionals, CONCEPT offers over 1,000 hours of training content in forensic mental health which will be further expanded as it merges content with PAU course offerings. All training programs are based on the latest research and evidence-based practices, which enables participants to incorporate relevant, up-to-date information based on a solid scientific foundation into their practice. In addition to professional training, CONCEPT provides free resources to promote lifelong learning and to allow participants to stay at the top of their practice throughout their careers.

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