Translating Research into Practice

Eliminating Biased Policing is Vital For Improving Perceptions of Police Legitimacy for Both Adolescents and Adults.

While perceptions of police legitimacy declined during adolescence and increased during adulthood

Piecing Together Psychopathy: Uncovering the Factor Structure of the CAPP-SR

An overarching 3-factor model was best supported through exploratory factor analysis, helping

Validation of Pretrial Risk Assessments Used in Practice

Risk assessments may be less accurate in predicting outcomes when a substantial

Underreporting Suicide Risk? How the MMPI-2-RF Can Help

MMPI-2-RF scales in conjunction with therapeutic assessment can provide important information in

In the Grey Areas: Violence Across the Spectrum of Adolescence

In a sample of Singaporean youth who have engaged in acts of

You Can’t Pull a Fast One on the MMPI-2: Detection of Coached Malingering

Symptom coaching and malingering remain acute problems for forensic evaluators. However, meta

Minimization techniques can maximize the chance of a coerced confession

Minimization is a legal interrogation tactic that courts assume do not lead

Not Just a Buzzword: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Aggression and Criminality

A sample of male and female forensic psychiatric inpatients reported significant exposure

A Reverse Flynn Effect: Trends in Six Decades of Neuropsychological Data in a UK High Security Population

In a sample of adult patients admitted to a High Secure Psychiatric

“But That’s Just Twitter, Right?” Skepticism About the Use of Social Media Data in Forensic Evaluations

In an experimental study, laypersons and forensic experts expressed skepticism toward social

Connectedness: The Core of Human Experience and Essential Component to Mental Health Recovery

Connectedness is an essential part of the reintegration and mental health recovery

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