Translating Research into Practice

“But That’s Just Twitter, Right?” Skepticism About the Use of Social Media Data in Forensic Evaluations

In an experimental study, laypersons and forensic experts expressed skepticism toward social

Connectedness: The Core of Human Experience and Essential Component to Mental Health Recovery

Connectedness is an essential part of the reintegration and mental health recovery

Anchoring effects might have undesirable consequences, possibly making court rulings biased or erratic.

In a sample of adult patients admitted to a High Secure Psychiatric

Can evaluators be confident in the relative-risk differences implied by Static-99R scores?

Absolute-risk interpretations of Static-99R scores need to consider the decision threshold as

Psychopathic Personality Traits, Psychotic Symptoms, and Inpatient violence: Which Has a Stronger Influence on Countertransference?

In a study of 89 patients in a forensic medium-security unit, psychopathic/antisocial

But does it actually work? Field Validity of the STATIC-99 and STABLE-2007

Although there are no guarantees that measures developed in research studies will

Examining the Unexplored Stigmas of Imprisoned Individuals in Mexico

Self-stigma and the correlates of self-stigma were explored in a sample of

Predicting Suicide Attempts in Psychiatric Inpatient Samples – Do Shut Down” Behaviors Matter?

Attending to the absence, rather than the presence of “shut down” behaviors,

A Lens on Criminal Responsibility Evaluations in Missouri

An analyses of criminal responsibility evaluations by forensic evaluators in Missouri reveals

Tele-Forensic Interviews Work with Child Witnesses

Face-to-face and tele-forensic (on screen) interviews elicit similar amounts of accurate and

How COVID-19 Changed the Landscape of Forensic Evaluations: The Utility and Future of Telehealth in Examinations

The existing data on the pros and cons of using telehealth platforms

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