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How a Certificate in Forensic Evaluation Can Help Enhance Your Career

How a Certificate in Forensic Evaluation Can Help Enhance Your Career

As the broader forensic science and criminal law sectors continue to grow, recent graduates and industry veterans alike are looking for new ways to advance their careers. Along with the required college education, many of the nation’s most sought-after careers in forensic science and psychology require additional certification. If you’re looking to enhance your career, this piece explores a few ways a forensic psychology certificate helps you reach your career goals.

Forensic Psychology Certification Helps You Find Your Niche

First and foremost, forensic science is an extremely broad category. The main reason people seek forensic psychology certifications is that they help them find a specialty within the broad spectrum of forensic science jobs. Forensic science specialists make between $55,000 and $200,000 a year based on your level of experience and your employer, so it’s no wonder these certifications are in high demand.

Forensic Psychology Certification Unlocks New Doors

Within forensic psychology, there are a host of exciting and challenging careers that require such certifications. Here are a few career paths and corresponding certificates that may interest you:

  • Forensic Violence Risk Assessment: Forensic assessment of risk for violence certificates are designed for social workers, psychologists, counselors and other professionals who wish to break into the field of forensic psychology. Holders of this certificate learn everything they need to know in order to conduct risk assessments in a wide variety of forensic settings, including the management of risk for violence.
  • Criminal Forensic Assessment: Criminal forensic assessment involves assessing individuals involved in the criminal justice system to assist the court in addressing certain legal issues, such as competence to stand trial or criminal responsibility (insanity). A criminal forensic assessment certificate is a valuable asset for providing the requisite knowledge and skills to conduct these evaluations.
  • Child Custody Evaluation: Child custody cases are some of the most delicate and volatile cases in the legal system, and qualified forensic evaluators are in high demand for that reason. After obtaining the child custody evaluation certificate, you’ll have the required knowledge and skills to conduct custody evaluations for family court, as well as compile reports that help the court reach the best possible outcome for the child/children involved.

Where Can I Get Forensic Psychology Certification?

CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at Palo Alto University provides mental health professionals with online evidence-based certificates and professional training programs. We offer certificates for the three aforementioned career paths, as well as several other psychology certifications. If you’re ready to enhance your career, contact us for more information about our certificate programs today.