Translating Research into Practice

Piecing Together Psychopathy: Uncovering the Factor Structure of the CAPP-SR

An overarching 3-factor model was best supported through exploratory factor analysis, helping

Underreporting Suicide Risk? How the MMPI-2-RF Can Help

MMPI-2-RF scales in conjunction with therapeutic assessment can provide important information in

You Can’t Pull a Fast One on the MMPI-2: Detection of Coached Malingering

Symptom coaching and malingering remain acute problems for forensic evaluators. However, meta

But does it actually work? Field Validity of the STATIC-99 and STABLE-2007

Although there are no guarantees that measures developed in research studies will

Predicting Suicide Attempts in Psychiatric Inpatient Samples – Do Shut Down” Behaviors Matter?

Attending to the absence, rather than the presence of “shut down” behaviors,

Distinguishing Psychopathy in Adolescents – Promising Avenues

Psychopathy presents a challenging construct to measure, particularly in youth. The MMPI-A-RF

What not to use in assessing risk for institutional violence: The case against the PCL-R in capital cases

Experts in the field of violence risk assessment and psychopathy caution against

eHealth in the Forensic Context – What are our Next Steps?

eHealth and Telehealth technologies are booming in the clinical psychological field, however

Investigative Interviewing with Minimally Verbal Adults – Best Practices and New Findings

Investigative interviewing with minimally verbal adults requires a unique scaffolding approach for

Sexually Violent Predator Commitment – What We Know and What Works

Sexually Violent Predator commitment evaluations are intended to ensure public safety and

Remote Psychological Testing in COVID-19: The MMPI Example

The COVID-19 pandemic created an emergent need for teleservices in psychology, and

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