The Importance of Continuing Education in Mental Health Careers

The Importance of Continuing Education in Mental Health Careers

Psychology is a dynamic field, meaning best practices often change over time. Further mental health online training can make the difference in keeping clinicians and professionals updated on new developments in their field to help ensure that their clients receive the best possible care. Discover the importance of continuing education for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

What Is Continuing Education?

All continuing education courses must be generally approved by a licensing agency to meet requirements for credit. Various organizations offer classes, including psychological and academic institutions, as well as interest groups. Continuing education opportunities are available in a variety of formats, including workshops, seminars, community service, peer consultations, research, and even online courses.

Key Benefits for Your Mental Health Practice

Opportunities in continuing education allow therapists and other mental health professionals to network with others while adding knowledge and new experience to their practices. In addition to learning and growing as professionals, these experiences also offer students the ability to reach out and help more people.

Continuing Education Requirements

State requirements can vary regarding the specific criteria for deeming a continuing education experience as acceptable for credit or license renewal. Psychologists and other mental health professionals should conduct research and be aware of the specific requirements for maintaining a license in their area. When choosing a continuing education (CE) course, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Which format will best suit your professional goals?
  • Does the CE course you’re considering adhere to your state’s requirements for approval?
  • Is the topic relevant to your practice?
  • What are the credentials of the presenter or instructor?

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