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Online and Self-Paced Professional Training Programs

Self-paced professional training gives mental health and allied professionals the chance to expand their knowledge and help advance their careers on their own time. At CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at Palo Alto University, we offer a diverse range of online, self-paced training programs designed for professionals in psychology, social work, forensics, and other mental health or related roles.

How Does It Work?

Each of our training programs is presented by an industry expert with particular knowledge of the course topic. After reviewing a program’s requirements, objectives, and other information, interested professionals simply register for the course and complete it at their own pace. Upon completing a course, participants will earn between 5 and 50 CE hours.

Benefits of Self-Paced, Professional Training

We understand that mental health professionals lead busy lives at work and at home. Because our training programs are available entirely online, professionals can learn and complete coursework whenever they have the time to do so. Additionally, the self-paced nature of our programs ensures that busy professionals can take their time learning the material and completing quizzes and evaluations.

Topics That We Offer

Our self-paced professional training programs are offered on a diverse range of mental health specialty topics, including:

• Violence Risk Assessment and Management
• Trauma and Mental Disability Law
• Juvenile and Family Law
• Forensic Assessment
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy

In addition to our self-paced professional training programs, we offer on-demand and live webinars, certification programs, in-person workshops, and more. Browse our available programs below, or contact us to learn how CONCEPT can help advance your career.

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