Translating Research into Practice

Risk Assessments Utilizing Dynamic Scores Inform the Management and Reduction of Inpatient Aggression

HCR-20V3, VRS, and START dynamic scores demonstrate incremental predictive validity for inpatient

Interpersonal-Affective and Antisocial-Impulsive Psychopathic Traits Influence Drug Use Differently in Men and Women

Antisocial-Impulsive psychopathic traits may serve as a risk factor for drug use

Juvenile Offenders with Subclinical Depression Display Similar Delinquent Behaviors as those Diagnosed with Major Depression

Structured clinical interviews show an increased level of aggression, substance use, and

Investigator Knowledge of Witness Interviewing Techniques: Awareness, Use, and Training

Law enforcement interviewers are generally aware of the difference between productive and

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