Translating Research into Practice

Police-induced Confessions can Strip Innocent Confessors of Vital Exculpatory Evidence

Police-induced confessions can strip an innocent confessor of a vital source of

Negligence Judgments by Judges Biased by Hindsight

Negligence judgments by judges were biased by hindsight. This is the bottom

The Relationships Between Psychopathy, Alcohol Use, and Intimate Partner Violence

The following study examines the combined influences of alcohol use and psychopathy

Perceptions of Social Inequality and Criminal Stereotypes May Influence Attitudes Toward Punitive Responses to Criminals

The following study identifies a functional link between perceptions of social structure,

Negative Affectivity as an Explanation for the Overlap between Psychopathy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This large study of undergraduate students provides insight into the shared and

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