Translating Research into Practice

Eliminating Biased Policing is Vital For Improving Perceptions of Police Legitimacy for Both Adolescents and Adults.

While perceptions of police legitimacy declined during adolescence and increased during adulthood

Validation of Pretrial Risk Assessments Used in Practice

Risk assessments may be less accurate in predicting outcomes when a substantial

Minimization techniques can maximize the chance of a coerced confession

Minimization is a legal interrogation tactic that courts assume do not lead

Anchoring effects might have undesirable consequences, possibly making court rulings biased or erratic.

In a sample of adult patients admitted to a High Secure Psychiatric

Can evaluators be confident in the relative-risk differences implied by Static-99R scores?

Absolute-risk interpretations of Static-99R scores need to consider the decision threshold as

Tele-Forensic Interviews Work with Child Witnesses

Face-to-face and tele-forensic (on screen) interviews elicit similar amounts of accurate and

Color coding, numbering, and “Wh”- questions in child interviews: What gets the best results?

Researchers and interviewers should be attentive to the tradeoffs in encouraging children

Factors to address to effectively decrease the rate of restoration readmissions

Immigrant status, absence of suspected feigning according to psychological testing and evaluator

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