Translating Research into Practice

Social Influence and Antisocial Predisposition in Early Childhood Increase the Potential for Gun Carrying in Adolescence

Social influence and antisocial predisposition in early childhood increase the potential for

Diversion Completion Related to Criminological, Clinical, Psychosocial, and Procedural Factors

Diversion completion is related to criminological, clinical, psychosocial, and procedural factors. This

Assessing Sentence Comprehension May Reduce the Frequency of Invalid MMPI-2-RF Protocols

Assessing sentence comprehension, as opposed to word reading, may reduce the frequency

Psychology’s Influence on Prisons and Imprisonment - CONCEPT Professional Training

Psychology has had several influences on prisons and imprisonment. This article reflects

Lie Detection is More Effective When Speakers Provide Statements in their Non-native Language - CONCEPT Professional Training

Lie detection is more effective when speakers provide statements in their nonnative

Less than 20% Total Agreement between Independent Evaluators on Forensic Mental Health Evaluations - CONCEPT Professional Training

Total agreement between independent evaluators on forensic mental health evaluations was less

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