The Business of Practice

Family Therapy Theories & Types

Family therapy uses a wide variety of tactics to treat mental health because every family is different. To better understand your clients’ needs,

Anxiety and Stress Relief Games

Games are a fun way for children, teenagers, and adults of all ages to relieve some stress in their daily lives. And now, many of these relaxing

Digital Therapy

Digital therapy revolutionizes mental healthcare by connecting millions of patients to their psychological providers. Specializing your education to

Therapy Notes

Therapy notes help therapists recall the significant details of each client’s conversations in a clear, concise manner. Maintain a professional voice

How to Become a Trauma Therapist

Trauma therapists treat patients who experience and survive traumatic incidents. To become a trauma therapist, you need to earn a psychology graduate

Establishing Boundaries with Patients

When you establish boundaries with patients, they act as a guideline for everyone in the therapeutic relationship. To ensure a successful

How to Become a Private Practice Therapist

Congratulations! You’ve done the hard work to earn your degree, you’ve completed the hours of your practicum and internship – now what?  Like a

How to Maintain Cultural Mindfulness in Your Psychotherapy Career

The United States is an ever-growing landscape of multicultural individuals. Learning to incorporate a diverse practice in your psychotherapy career

How to Start Your Own Private Practice in Counseling & Psychology

Opening up your own private counseling practice is a great step to take in any mental health professional’s career. Though the steps involved may be

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