Mindfulness Activity #46

Mindfulness Activity #46

Setting Intention Mindfulness Practice

Have you ever felt that your day is well underway before you wake up? Sometimes we use rituals like a morning cup of coffee to help us to focus and begin our day. Recently, many of our routines and rituals have be disrupted. It can be difficult to find a foothold. We can shuffle around, feeling untethered. What should I do today? What do I need to do today?

Do you ever feel pressure to set goals for your day…a to-do list? Goals are important. Short term goals for the day are the things we would like to achieve or cross off our list at the end of the day. For instance, today I want to clean the bathrooms. An intention, on the other hand, speaks more to how we will move through our day or get things done. In other words, how will I avoid procrastination to clean the bathroom? How will the bathrooms fit into the other priorities in my day? What about me might I need to change in order to meet my goals or to meet them more easily, more gently, or with more enjoyment?

Practicing mindfulness often involves something we plan to notice-like our feelings, or something we plan to practice- like non-judgment, in order to achieve the kind of life we want, or the kind of person we would like to be. Lots of practices guide us on what to focus on. But, ultimately, you are the guide of your own life. Ultimately you know what you need. We have discussed the concept of wise mind before. Wise mind uses things you notice about yourself and how you feel, as well as logic and facts about the world to guide us on the best course of action. Wisdom helps us to know what each of us needs to focus each day to bring us what we want or need.

Today’s practice is a very brief practice designed to help you to begin the day with clarity and to set your own intention. Breathe deeply, settle in and prepare to listen to your own wise mind. Click the following link…

Now that you have spent a little time focused on what you need for the day, remind yourself about your intention for the day—what will you practice today? Your intention involves how you will guide your attention today. How will today be different?

Enjoy your weekend.


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