Mindfulness Activity #179

Mindfulness Activity #179

Mindfulness While Cleaning

Good Morning. There is a whole industry designed to organizing, simplifying, and creating a picture perfect life. Marie Kondo says to only keep items that spark joy. My stapler doesn’t do that, but I keep it anyway…

So, as with anything, balance is the goal. If we get to [perfectionistic, we are more concerned with fixing our space than living in it. At the same time, chaos (where are the keys or the glasses) is far from mindful and creates unnecessary stress.

Today’s Mindfulness:
For today’s practice, you will choose one thing to clean (e.g., sweep the floor) or to organize (e.g., one drawer). Begin with a deep breath. Inhale deeply, noticing the moment your lungs are full, and then exhale.

Now, clean or organize with 100% focus. If judgment arises at how dirty your floor is, notice it, and put your attention back to the actual act of sweeping. Notice the freedom from the chatter in your mind when all your effort is on the action and the senses associated with it. When your task is complete, you might be tempted to clean something else. Do not. The goal for this practice is not to do a whole clean-up. The goal is to practice controlling your attention.

When you feel overwhelmed or stressed today, take a breath and focus on doing one thing (anything) with complete focus. Do not forget to breathe. You will likely find you return to a more balanced state.

The weekend is almost here!


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