Mindfulness Activity #173

Mindfulness Activity #173



Sometimes we might find ourselves stuck in negative thinking patterns. Often, these thoughts are negative or include judgments. We may see activities, people, and things as if we already know everything we need to know about them. When this happens we either disconnect and distance or we relate to the person or task with resentment.

In reality, each new moment with a task, even if you have done it hundreds of times before, is unique and presents an opportunity for growth. If we practice seeing each moment as new and unique, our responses can be meaningful, engaged, and creative.

In mindfulness, we can practice this awakened mindset through any activity. A deep mindfulness practice requires Beginner’s Mind. Beginner’s Mind, also known as Shoshin, is seeing the world with fresh eyes, with a sense of curiosity, letting go of preconceived ideas, open to possibilities. Even if you have done an activity many times before, experience it like it is the first time. This makes you engage with your senses and with details you may not have noticed before. It also takes away boredom and allows for deeper engagement, even with tasks you might not relish.


So, for today’s practice, when you are ready, take a deep breath and advance through ads. Click on the following link. The task is to fully engage with the images and music using your senses. It is new for you, and the images and sounds change, so it is a nice way to practice Shoshin. If you find yourself bored, go back to your senses with attention. What do you see or hear?

When the music stops, turn off youtube and breathe deeply twice. Reflect on what it felt like to be fully engaged and open to what came next.

Now, for the rest of your day, pick a few things you find boring or routine or a patterned response in a relationship. Try to engage with Shoshin…see the task or person with all your senses and without preconception. Eat meals mindfully, walk mindfully, speak to others and observe them mindfully as if it is the first time you have encountered them. Practice Beginner’s Mind in all you do today.

Thank you for practicing with me…


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