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Episode 2: Career Paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling

Join Chloe Corcoran as she interviews experts Drs. Kimberly Balsam and Clark Ausloos on their career paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling.

Episode 2: Career Paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling

Episode 2 | Career Paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling

"Career Paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling" explores the intricate and fascinating journeys of our esteemed guests, Dr. Balsam and Dr. Ausloos. Both have taken unique paths in their careers, focusing on the significant issues within LGBTQ psychology. In this episode, we'll delve into their research, the critical importance of diversity in the field, and the alarming effects of anti-LGBTQ legislation. We will uncover the vital role of intersectionality, understanding relationships between minoritized identities, and the challenges faced by LGBTQ and trans communities. Furthermore, we'll explore the immediate need for counseling in support of LGBTQ populations. Join us as we navigate through these essential topics, revealing insights and wisdom from the forefront of counseling and LGBTQ mental health.

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About Our Host

Chloe Corcoran (She/Her) serves as the inaugural Director of Alumni Relations for Palo Alto University. Recently, she was cast in the first of its kind audio reality show, “BEING: Trans” which explores the lives of a group of transgender people living in Los Angeles. Articles about this project have appeared in the New York Times, among other media outlets, and she has appeared on a billboard in Times Square along with being honored by the LA Dodgers for her activism. She is a 2004 graduate of the University of Rochester where she played 4 years of varsity football and then served as an assistant coach. Chloe earned her Master’s degree at Northeastern University and is currently studying part-time toward a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership, where her work focuses on equity and inclusion. Chloe was the first out transgender woman to be named a “40 Under 40” award winner in her hometown of Rochester, NY. In 2019, she was one of 10 people selected from a nationwide pool of candidates for a Victory Empowerment Fellowship from the Victory Institute, and has held multiple leadership positions on non-profit Boards. Chloe has spoken at multiple community events, co-hosted 2 radio shows, and enjoys photography in her spare time.

About Our Guest

Guest 1 | Clark D. Ausloos, PhD

Dr. Clark D. Ausloos earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and Dance from the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point (2008). He traveled across the US, performing, teaching, and educating. It was then he realized his passion for working with people in a deeper way, through counseling. Dr. Ausloos received his MA in Counseling, with both school and clinical counseling foci (2017), and later his PhD in Counselor Education from the University of Toledo (2020). Dr. Ausloos is a licensed school and clinical counselor, as well as a national certified counselor. Dr. Ausloos has worked in elementary, intermediate, and junior high school settings, as well as private practice, and in higher education. Dr. Ausloos has worked with students at the College of William and Mary, as well as Palo Alto University; and is now serving as Clinical Assistant Professor in the School Counseling@Denver program. Dr. Ausloos continues to work towards making classrooms safety and accessible for students, especially marginalized, non-dominant populations, like queer and trans youth. Dr. Ausloos has authored several published peer-reviewed manuscripts, has several book chapters and encyclopedia terms in press, and is highly active in research around the world. Through intentional research, Dr. Ausloos aims to empower and promote ethical, affirming training and professional practices within counselor education programs, and within clinical and school settings.

Guest 2 | Kimberly F. Balsam, PhD

Kimberly F. Balsam, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Psychology Department at Palo Alto University, where she is the Director of the Center for LGBTQ Evidence-Based Applied Research (CLEAR) and of the LGBTQ Area of Emphasis in the Clinical Psychology PhD program.  She received her M.S. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon in 1994 and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont in 2003.  She has a 20-year history of clinical practice in a range of settings including community mental health and private practice and has worked extensively with LGBTQ+ clients across the lifespan.  She has been conducting and publishing innovative research on LGBTQ+ psychology since the 1990s, on topics including trauma, minority stress, mental health, and LGBTQ+ families and intimate relationships.  She has led and collaborated on numerous projects to develop and test culturally relevant assessment tools for LGBTQ+ specific constructs.  Dr. Balsam has been also been active in LGBTQ+ psychology within the American Psychological Association and is Past President of APA’s Division 44, the Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.  She is currently the Project Director and Principal Investigator for the LGBTQ+ Clinical Academy, a partnership with Santa Clara County in which her team developed, implemented, and evaluated an evidence-based intensive 40-hour cultural competence training for behavioral health providers in the public sector.   

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