Zimbardo Systemic Engagement

Presented By Philip Zimbardo, PhD
Philip Zimbardo, PhD

6 Hours | 6 CEs

This on-demand professional training program on Zimbardo Systemic Engagement is presented by Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D.

This program exposes participants to cutting-edge, evidence-based perspectives on well-being, diversity and inclusion, systemic engagement, social justice heroism, resilience, prejudice, the power of unjust situational forces and how to resist them, values congruence, growth mindset orientation, and socio-centrism. The program builds on a rich fund of literature, primarily social psychology perspectives reliant on Professor Philip Zimbardo’s life work, as well as many other lines of research.

These perspectives have been adapted to a friendly psycho-educational format in order to facilitate new insights about well-being, our shared sense of humanity, and the nature of systemic engagement. This is not a clinical program, and it is not psychotherapy. Rather, lessons in this program are presented in the format of psycho-educational lessons to increase intellectual understanding of topic matters, as well as one’s sense of resilience, self, and social awareness, care for yourself and for those around you, and recognition and acceptance of our shared humanity. This program strives to facilitate further exploration of opportunities to connect more deeply and more effectively with various people in your personal and professional social spheres.

Intended Audience

This on-demand professional training program is intended for mental health and other allied professionals

Experience Level

This on-demand professional training program is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level clinicians.

CE / CPD Credit

APA, ASWB, CPA, NBCC Click here for state and other regional board approvals.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

Describe empathic listening in systemic engagement

Describe fixed, static mindsets versus dynamic growth mindsets, with your goal of cultivating a growth mindset

Describe our environment and how situational forces can power over us, so the key is learning to hold our ground.

Describe social conformity by delving more deeply into group conformity, ways to avoid submission to unjust authority, and cultivation of heroic agency

Describe the merit of bystandership, the importance of bringing it into our lives, and the ways to do it wisely and effectively.

Describe bias, its impact, and how to address it in order to reverse it into understanding and acceptance

Describe how we fall into seeing ourselves in negative fashions and how to respond effectively

Describe what we have taken from this program, how we have grown, and how it will impact our life


Presented By

Philip Zimbardo, PhD

Dr. Philip Zimbardo is internationally recognized as the “voice and face of contemporary American psychology” through his widely seen PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, his classic research, The Stanford Prison Experiment, authoring the oldest current textbook in psychology, “Psychology and Life...


1. Introduction

2. Mindsets

3. Situational Awareness

4. Social Conformity

5. The Bystander Effect

6. Prejudice and Discrimination

7. Misattributions and Stereotype Threats

8. Consolidation

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