Making Black Lives Matter and Understanding Cultural Mistrust

Making Black Lives Matter and Understanding Cultural Mistrust


About this Episode:

Dr. Kevin Cokley speaks to Dèsa Daniel about the formation of his edited book Making Black Lives Matter Confronting Anti-Blackness Racism. During the episode, Cokley speaks about why his work is personal and the legacy he hopes to leave behind. He shares with us how cultural mistrust can influence BIPOC communities when seeking treatment.


About Kevin:

Kevin Cokley, Ph.D. holds the Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professorship for Educational Research and Development in the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Fellow of the University of Texas System and University of Texas Academy of Distinguished Teachers, Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology, Professor of Educational Psychology and African and African Diaspora Studies, and past Director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis. His research and teaching can be broadly categorized in the area of African American psychology, with a focus on racial identity and understanding the psychological and environmental factors that impact African American students’ academic achievement. Dr. Cokley studies the psychosocial experiences of African American students and students of color and is currently exploring the impostor phenomenon and its relationship to mental health and academic outcomes. He was elected to Fellow status in the American Psychological Association for his contributions to ethnic minority psychology and counseling psychology. He is the recipient of the Charles and Shirley Thomas Award for mentoring ethnic minority students. He holds the title of Distinguished Psychologist and received the Scholarship Award from the Association of Black Psychologists. He has written several Op-Eds in major media outlets on topics such as Blacks’ rational mistrust of police, the aftermath of Ferguson, police and race relations, racism and White supremacy, the use of school vouchers, and racial disparities in school discipline. His research has been recognized in media outlets including the New York TimesUSA Today, and Inside Higher Education.


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Download a free version of Making Black Lives Matter Confronting Anti-Blackness Racism:

Download articles discussed in this episode (Cokley et. al.,2021): The COVID-19/racial injustice syndemic and mental health among Black Americans: The roles of general and race-related COVID worry, cultural mistrust, and perceived discrimination.

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