Decolonizing Counseling Practice

Decolonizing Counseling Practice


About this Episode:

In this episode, Dr. Jessica Tyler talks with Dr. Brandee Appling, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services at the University of Georgia. She is a co-author on an article published in the Journal of Counseling & Development entitled, “Using the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies to Decolonize Counseling Practice: The Important Roles of Theory, Power, and Action.” Dr. Appling discusses how to put social justice theories into counselor action, explore privilege and oppression in session, and strategies to decolonize our therapy work.


About Brandee:

Dr. Brandee Appling’s expertise is in critical theories in research, qualitative research methods, school counselor development and preparation, and creativity in counseling and research. Her counseling interests are in social justice and advocacy in school counseling, diversity and social justice in counseling, African American adolescent males, motherhood in Counselor Education, and African American women. 



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