Counseling Interabled Partners

Counseling Interabled Partners


About this Episode:

Join Dr. Stacey Litam and Dr. Jose Luis Tapia-Fuselier Jr. as they discuss the importance of providing disability responsive care. In this episode, Dr. Litam and Dr. Tapia-Fuselier outline the challenges faced by interabled partners, identify strategies to support disabled clients, and challenge professional counselors and counselor educators to relearn what they think they know about sex therapy and disability. 


About Jose:

Dr. Jose Luis Tapia-Fuselier Jr. (he, him, his) is currently an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. He graduated with his PhD in counseling at the University of North Texas. Jose’s research is focused on disability-responsive care across the lifespan. Currently, he is conducting research on Emotionally Focused Therapy and interabled relationships. He has provided individual, relationship, play, and family therapy with a special focus in serving people with disabilities in three languages (English, Spanish, and American Sign Language). Dr. Tapia-Fuselier has been a guest on Sexology Podcast, Café with Monica, and Marriaging Podcast discussing interabled relationships and sexuality. Finally, he has presented at the national, regional, state, and local levels on topics related to supporting graduate students, counseling people with disabilities, interabled relationships and sex therapy, and bilingual counseling and supervision. Dr. Tapia-Fuselier can be reached via email at


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Litam, S. (Producer). (2021, September 15). EP212: Counseling Interabled Partners [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from



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