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The National Youth Screening & Assessment Partners (NYSAP) is a technical assistance and research group, dedicated to helping juvenile justice and related programs nationwide. We are proud to partner with NYSAP for live and on-demand event training programs.

Our Presenters


Christina L. Riggs Romaine, PhD

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Dr. Christina L. Riggs Romaine received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology at Drexel University. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Forensic Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in collaboration with the Department of Youth Services, where she worked as an evaluator and service provider in pre- and post-adjudication facilities, before working as a full-time forensic evaluator in the MA Juvenile Court Clinics where she regularly conducted evaluations of adjudicative competence, risk, and mental state at the time of the offense.  


Ivan Kruh, PhD

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Dr. Ivan Kruh received his PhD in Clinical Psychology with a concentrated study of Forensic Psychology from the University of Alabama. For ten years, he was the Director of Juvenile Forensic Evaluations in Washington State and coordinated a post-doctoral fellowship in Juvenile Forensic Psychology at the University of Washington. In private practice, he conducts juvenile forensic evaluations and consults to state juvenile forensic evaluation systems. He is the Director of Juvenile Competency Services at National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners (NYSAP).


"This training was excellent across all aspects and invaluable for someone like me who, due to geographical remoteness, do not get access to training in these kinds of measures – or to this standard. Thank you again for allowing me to participate."

- Armon Tamatea, Senior Lecturer - The University of Waikato