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We assess your team’s needs, then create and implement a seamless, customized training program so you can meet the needs of your diverse staff WITH TANGIBLE RESULTS.

Group Training Graphic

Consult. We analyze your needs and curate programs tailored specifically for your staff’s professional development goals. 

Customize. Our programs are completely customizable –  developed specifically to match your department’s culture while meeting the professional development needs.

Easy to use. We create a seamless experience for your department by handling all the technical and customer service elements of the implementation process. 

Customizable platform | seamless implementation.


Not sure how to create, coordinate, and implement a considerate and fair professional development program? At CONCEPT, we do just that: we create custom programs to give your staff tangible results, while facilitating a learning community. By analyzing your specific organization, we can offer a mix of opportunities that meet the diverse, individual needs of your team–and your department requirements. Our ability to consult on, customize, and simplify the process sets us apart from other one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • On-demand access is available immediately on each staff member’s training dashboard.
  • Different courses can be selected for each staff member.
  • A set number of courses grouped into your program.
  • Courses from our library are added to your staff’s training dashboard for one year, with annual renewal optional.
  • Allows staff to work through courses at their own pace.
  • Additional courses can be added at any time at a discounted rate.
  • Wholly customized training programs built for your specific needs and goals.
  • Each program is added to your organization’s training dashboard for one year.
  • Annual access provided to all staff.

we provide custom training for organizations of all sizes.

Professional Group Training

Customized to achieve your organization's goals.