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ADHD Symptoms and Antisocial Traits Associated with Higher No-Show Rates

Sixty male patients with ADHD who received treatment in a Dutch forensic outpatient center completed the Adult Self-Report on disorder-specific symptoms and general psychosocial well-being. Results of the analyses reflect that patients with high no-show rates (15-45% missed appointments) had more ADHD symptoms compared to patients with low no-show rates (0-14.9% missed appointments). Furthermore, rule-breaking, […]


Research Shows: No Consensus on Optimal Long-Term Treatment for Forensic Patients

This rapid review summarizes available research on the definition, prevalence, characteristics, and needs of long-stay patients within forensic psychiatric settings. The factors most frequently associated with longer stay included: the seriousness of the index offense, history of psychiatric treatment, presence of a cognitive deficit, severity of illness, and diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychotic disorder. Furthermore, […]


Missed Treatment Appointments, Mental Health, and Recidivism Among Forensic ADHD Patients

Treatment appointment no-show rates are related to serious psychopathological factors in forensic ADHD patients. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in International Journal of Forensic Mental Health. Below is a summary of the research and findings as well as a translation of this research into practice. Featured Article | International Journal […]

By Amanda Beltrani | Translating Research into Practice