Heather Ellis Cucolo is an adjunct professor in New York Law School’s online mental disability law program, has served as Acting Director of that program, and has contributed to the development of courses within the program as well as assisted in collaboration with Asia-Pacific partners to foster international distance learning. She has represented individuals facing civil commitment under both The New Jersey Mental Hygiene Law and the New Jersey’s Sexually Violent Predators Act.  Prof. Cucolo has published and lectured  –both domestically and internationally — in the areas of mental disability law, criminal law and sex offender law. She has been recognized as one of the premiere experts in sexual violent predator law and has counseled attorneys, judges and clinicians on law and procedure in civil commitment proceedings and issues involving persons suffering from a mental disability or illness within the criminal justice system. Professor Cucolo teaches the Americans with Disabilities Act to both law students and other professionals and has advised international attorneys on the benefits and implications of the ADA. She has spoke at the United Nations, advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities in the Asia Pacific region and has co-authored an article for the Asian Journal of Legal Education titled, Online Mental Disability Law Education, a Disability Rights Tribunal, and the Creation of an Asian Disability Law Database: Their Impact on Research, Training and Teaching of Criminology and Criminal Justice in Asia.

  • Mental Disability Law and Criminal Law
  • Mental Illness, Dangerousness, Police Power, and Risk Assessment

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