SARA/B-SAFER Overview Webinar

SARA/B-SAFER Overview Webinar


3 Hours | 3 CEs (CEU)


Program Description

This Distance Learning Recorded Webinar by Dr. Randall Kropp focuses on Assessing and Managing Risk for Intimate Partner Violence using the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide (SARA) and the Brief Spousal Assault Form for the Evaluation of Risk (B-SAFER). During this Webinar, Dr. Kropp discusses violence against current or former intimate partners, one of the most common and dangerous forms of violence, and important concepts relevant to conducting violence risk assessment and management in the context of IPV. Dr. Kropp provides a review of the items and administration of the SARA Version 2 and an introduction to Version 3 (to be released in 2015), as well as an overview of the B-SAFER.

SARA- The SARA is a set of comprehensive structured professional judgment (SPJ) guidelines for assessing and managing risk for intimate partner violence (IPV). Research has demonstrated the validity of the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide (SARA; Kropp & Hart, 2000) and the manual has been translated into at least 10 languages and is being used in at least 15 countries around the world (Kropp & Gibas, 2010).

B-SAFER- The Brief Spousal Assault Form for the Evaluation of Risk (B-SAFER), based on the SARA, is also a set of comprehensive structured professional judgment (SPJ) guidelines for assessing and managing risk for intimate partner violence but was designed for use by police and other justice agencies.

Webinar Outline:

Violence against current/former inmates
Concepts relevant to violence risk assessment
Items and administration of SARA-V2
Introduction to Version 3
The fee for this training program is $200 and participants should expect to commit approximately 3 CE hours to complete this training program. At the end of the training program, there is a quiz that must be passed with a 70%. Once the course is completed participants will complete a course evaluation and then will be able to print their certificate of completion.

Intended Audience

This recorded webinar is appropriate for diverse professionals including (but not limited to) health care, criminal justice, victim services, security, social service, education, and human resources who are interested in learning more about intimate partner violence risk assessment or those who are considering implementing the SARA or B-SAFER into their practice. This webinar is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level clinicians.

Upon completion of this recorded webinar, participants should be able to:

– Describe key concepts for assessing and managing risk for intimate partner violence
– Describe how to rate the risk factors on the SARA and the B-SAFER
– Describe forthcoming Version 3 of the SARA

About Dr. Randall Kropp

Dr. Randall Kropp is a clinical and forensic psychologist specializing in the assessment and management of violent offenders. He works as a threat assessment specialist for Protect International Inc., is a psychologist with the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission of British Columbia, Canada, and is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. He has conducted numerous workshops for mental health professionals, police officers, corrections staff, and others in North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. This training has focused on violence risk assessment, domestic violence, and criminal harassment (stalking). He has frequently consulted with provincial, state, and federal government ministries on matters related to violence against women and children, and the assessment and treatment of violent offenders.
He has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and research reports, and he is co-author to several works on risk assessment, including the Manual for the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide, Version 3 (SARA-V3), the Brief Spousal Assault Form for the Evaluation of Risk (B-SAFER), the Manual for the Sexual Violence Risk – 20, the Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP), the Guidelines for Stalking Assessment and Management (SAM); and the Assessment of Risk for Honour Based Violence (PATRIARCH).

Continuing Education Credit

This Distance Learning Recorded Webinar is an online Training Program. To earn CE’s, you will have to complete the webinar quiz and evaluation for this Distance Learning Recorded Webinar. No partial credit is available. For this webinar, you will need to pass the webinar quiz with 70% correct and complete a webinar evaluation form to earn the certificate. You can take the test as many times as necessary to pass. Participants will earn 3 CE hours for completion once they have completed these requirements. Each participant will be able to print their CE certificate immediately after completing and passing the post-test and evaluation.
Board Approvals: APA, CPA, NBCC, ASWB. Click here for state and other regional board approvals.
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