Certificate in Civil Forensic Assessment

Certificate in Civil Forensic Assessment


Time to Completion: 150 hours (~9-12 months)


This Certificate in Civil Forensic Assessment provides the necessary training to develop the theoretical, empirical, & practical knowledge and skills to reliably conduct forensic evaluations. This certificate consists of 70 hours of foundational training in forensic evaluation in addition to 80 hours of training specific to civil forensic assessment.

This Certificate program guides the clinician through 150 hours of training content. All training modules are online and self-paced, allowing the clinician to proceed through the training as quickly as is comfortable. Our suggested timelines for the completion of this certificate assume that the clinician is working full time in addition to this certificate program.

Intended Audience

This Certificate was developed for psychologists and other mental health professionals who conduct forensic evaluations for the courts.

This certificate program consists of a total of 150 hrs of training and is comprised of the following courses:

Foundational Training

Specialized Training

Continuing Education Credit

This Certificate allows you to earn Continuing Education credit for each course. To earn CE’s, you will complete the course quizzes and evaluations for each course. No partial credit is available. For each course, you will need to pass the quizzes with 70% correct to earn the continuing education credit. You will be able to download / print a CE certificate upon completion of each course in this Certificate.

A total of 150 CE hours will be awarded for this Certificate.

Board Approvals: APA, CPA, ASWB, NBCC. Click here for state and other regional board approvals.

If you have previously completed one or more of the training programs for this Certificate and would like to have your coursework credited towards this Certificate, please contact us to request transfer credit. We will confirm your previous coursework, apply the credit to this Certificate, and invoice you for the adjusted registration fee.

Note: Please do not purchase this Certificate if you would like to obtain transfer credit; contact us here for an adjusted invoice.

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