AAFP Live: Conducting Forensic Evaluations Using Videoconferencing Technology (Sept 23)

AAFP Live: Conducting Forensic Evaluations Using Videoconferencing Technology (Sept 23)


9am – 1pm (Pacific) / Noon – 4pm (Eastern)

4 Hours / 4 CEs

Program Description

Conducting Forensic Evaluations Using Videoconferencing Technology | Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The term “telehealth” has been in the lexicon for over a quarter of a century, and the delivery of therapeutic services has increased significantly during this time. But only recently have psychologists and psychiatrists routinely conducted forensic evaluations remotely, typically employing synchronous videoconferencing technology. This workshop addresses a number of issues surrounding the conduct of forensic psychological and psychiatric evaluations via videoconferencing technology. Benefits and limitations of conducting forensic evaluations via teleconferencing, advantages and disadvantages of platform features, general evaluation practices, psychological testing practices, relevant practice guidelines, specific ethical issues, possible legal challenges, and how to document and communicate about the use of this technology in forensic reports and testimony are discussed in this half-day program.

Persons attending this workshop will be able to:

  • list a minimum of six benefits and six limitations of conducting forensic psychological and psychiatric evaluations using videoconferencing technology,
  • describe five best practices relevant to conducting forensic evaluations using videoconferencing technology,
  • identify a minimum of four ethical obligations that are particularly applicable to and shape how forensic evaluations should be conducted when using videoconferencing technology,
  • identify and respond effectively to legal challenges most likely encountered when conducting forensic evaluations using videoconferencing technology


Presented by Randy K. Otto, PhD, ABPP & David Corey, PhD, ABPP

Randy K. Otto, PhD is a licensed psychologist who is board certified in clinical psychology and forensic psychology (ABPP). He has been a faculty member at the University of South Florida since 1989 and has co-authored books on expert testimony and report writing, forensic psychological evaluation, and ethics in forensic psychology practice. He is a consultant to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (DOJ) and has served as Executive Director of the American Board of Forensic Psychology since 2018.
David Corey, PhD, ABPP a board-certified specialist in both forensic psychology and police and public safety psychology. His practice consists primarily of performing and researching police suitability and fitness evaluations, as well as testifying and teaching about them. His most recent publications include Evaluations of Police Suitability and Fitness for Duty (Corey & Zelig, 2020; Oxford University Press), MMPI-3 User’s Guide to the Police Candidate Interpretive Report (Corey & Ben-Porath, 2020; Pearson), and “Practical Guidance on the Use of the MMPI Instruments in Remote Psychological Testing” (Corey & Ben-Porath, 2020; Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 51(3), 199-204).

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