AAFP Live: Assessment of Risk for Violence in Juveniles (Oct. 30)

AAFP Live: Assessment of Risk for Violence in Juveniles (Oct. 30)


8am – 4pm (Pacific) / 11am – 7pm (Eastern)

7 Hours / 7 CEs

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Program Description

Assessment of Risk for Violence in Juveniles | Friday, October 30, 2020

The assessment of risk for violence in juveniles is pertinent for many court proceedings including transfer to the adult criminal justice system. This workshop includes examination of relevant case law, risk assessment measures, best practice in evaluation procedures, and communication of data and opinions to judges, attorneys, and probation officers. Related topics (e.g., psychopathy, treatment amenability, risk management programming, and gender/cultural issues) are addressed as well, as are issues related to adolescents’ biological, psychological, and social development.

Psychologists attending this session will be able to:

  • Identify how the Juvenile Justice System has evolved in general and specifically regarding risk assessment
  • Identify pathways to normative and non-normative adolescent development
  • Identify the key elements of the Risk/Needs/Responsivity Principle
  • Identify salient risk and protective factors for juveniles
  • Identify how age, gender, culture, and ethnicity inform risk assessment and risk-related judicial decision-making
  • Identify tools comporting with a hybrid-actuarial approach and with a structured professional judgment approach to risk assessment
  • Identify key elements of the assessment and report-writing process



Presented by Debra Baeder, Ph.D.,ABPP

Dr. Debra Baeder is board certified in forensic psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. She is the Chief Forensic Psychologist for the State Forensic Service in Maine. Her responsibilities are the evaluations of adult defendants on issues of competence and criminal responsibility, presentence evaluations, and evaluations of insanity acquittees who have petitioned the Court. She also coordinates the juvenile evaluation program for the State Forensic Service. In that capacity, she conducts pre-adjudicatory, pre-dispositional, adjudicative competence, and bindover evaluations. She consults with and trains other examiners contracted with the State Forensic Service, trains psychiatric residents at the Maine Medical Center, and works on relevant legislative issues. Dr. Baeder also provides workshops on juvenile forensic topics in Maine and nationally.