Mindfulness Activity #97

Mindfulness Activity #97

Take a Mini-Vacation

Good Morning. Sunday was the first day of summer. We often equate summer with the seashore. For many of us, the beaches are closed. We have been inside much of the time. We might have Zoom and FaceTime fatigue. In keeping of our relaxation theme, today’s practice is restorative. It provides an escape from whatever is bothering you. For this practice you will need to use your imagination to take a trip to the beach. When I was working in a forensic hospital, this was a universal favorite practice for both the women and men I worked with. They reported that they really did feel like they escaped from the unit for a little bit of time when we did this practice. I would bring my beach sounds and spray some suntan lotion on a cotton ball and it made the whole room smell like a day at the shore.

Practice this mindfulness while lying down. Leaders, click the following link and read instructions in italic.

If practicing alone, read the instructions and then click the link and lay down with eyes closed listening to beach sounds until the sounds stop. The practice is 15 minutes, so if you only have 5 or 10 minutes, set a timer for yourself after you begin the clip.

Imagine yourself walking barefoot down a long wooden boardwalk. See the Dunes to your left and right. As you step off the walkway onto the sand, notice the warmth of the sand. It is a perfect beach day-warm, but not too hot. Find a spot close to the shore where you can see the blue water. Spread out your towel and stretch out on your towel. Feel the sand supporting and warming you under your towel. As you lay there, breathe in and out deeply. See if you can notice the salty smell of the air. Listen to the sounds of the waves and the seagulls overhead.

Imagine the warmth of the sun hitting your face and your body. Allow this sensation to develop. Try to recall the sensation of a breeze cooling you off. See if you can smell coconut -scented tanning lotion in the air.

Continue to take deep breaths in and out. You have nothing to do, nothing to worry about in this moment. Your only task is to take in the experience with all your senses. Feel yourself getting a little sleepy. Enjoy the sensation of relaxing in this moment. Continue until the sounds stop or your timer sounds.

Take one last deep breath in and out. Notice that this practice took less than 20 minutes. How do you feel now, compared to how you felt prior to this mini-vacation. So the point of this is not to accomplish anything. The point is simply to relax and add a few more pleasant moments into your day. Have a Relaxing Day!


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