Mindfulness Activity #60

Listening Breath

For those who have been practicing for the last several days, we have been exploring different variations on breathing while noticing the top of the breath. Today, we add listening to music to your breathing. The idea of this practice is to stay simultaneously connected to more than one thing at the same time—sound and breath. This is a perfect practice for LIFE! We need very much to stay grounded and connected to all of the information around us in order to make wise decisions. In other words, in the midst of chaos, when people are talking to you or multiple things are happening, you need to be able to notice when a strong feeling takes over, before you act. You need to take a split second to breathe before taking any action– if it is to be a thoughtful action.

I call today’s variation Listening Breath. This can be done seated or laying down on a bed or on a mat on the floor. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose until you feel your lungs filled to capacity. Notice the “top of the breath.” When there is no more room in your lungs and you notice the breath transition from in-breath to out-breath, slowly force all of the air out of your lungs. Allow your exhale to be a little longer than your inhale. Whenever you feel ready to add the next layer, on your next in-breath, click the following link to listen to a piano music piece. Feel free to substitute any music you like for this one. If music is not available to you, practice when you are outside and listen to the sounds of nature. Continue to breathe in and out in the way you have practiced the last few days, noticing the top of your breath.

Later today and throughout the weekend, try to do this deep breath throughout your day. In particular, try to do it while you are involved with any action–without stopping that action. So, breathe while in a conversation, breathe while watching the news, breathe while eating. Does it change your actions at all?

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday!



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