Mindfulness Activity #51

Mindfulness Activity #51

Drinking Water Mindfully

Good Morning. Today’s practice is ever so simple. We will reflect on and drink water. Did any of you just have a negative reaction to that statement?

Simple practices often allow us to see our own resistance or willfulness as if in a mirror. “I don’t like water” or “we can’t do that practice here, it’s too hard, it might spill” –these are common reactions to this activity. It’s funny, but no matter what we try to practice, for many of us the same experiences block us. This is then what you need to practice. Practice noticing your own resistance and doing the task anyway. It’s so helpful in many ways.

Now, think for a moment about water. Water facilitates photosynthesis in plants, allowing food to grow and trees to remove carbon dioxide from the air, replacing it with oxygen so that we can breathe. Drinking water cleans out impurities and allows our body to function. It regulates our body temperature and body carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells.
The body can go without food for some time, but without hydration, we will perish quickly. It is essential.

Mentally, a sip of water provides a sensation that we can observe and follow as the water moves over our lips, into our mouths, and downward through our throats as we swallow. Focusing on this sensation allows us to stop noticing things around us for a bit and stops the chatter or thoughts swirling in our heads.

Prepare for practice by assembling a carafe or glass of water mindfully. If you are doing this practice with a group you can ring a bell to begin. If alone, simply say to yourself “begin.” Drink your water noticing every moment of your experience. Do this for several sips, or until you finish your water. Try not to gulp or to drink to finish the water. Instead, slowly experience the water, reflecting on its qualities and its ability to refresh you and provide you vital energy for your day.

You might feel more clear-headed than before. Try to keep this unbiased clarity with you throughout the day. Be well.


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