Mindfulness Activity #50

Mindfulness Activity #50


I used to work at the Criminal Court Building in lower Manhattan, the one you see on many TV dramas involving criminal court trials. When I exited the building via the back entrance, I would cross a park. At any time in this park one could observe people engaged in the ancient Chinese practice of Qi-gong. Qi-gong can be described as “a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.” Qi-gong has thousands of different styles and traditions, but they each incorporate the concepts of Qi (prounounced chee) defined as “vital energy” and Gong translated as skill cultivated through steady practice. Tai Chi is one type of Chi-gong.

Each day, we have been doing different mindfulness exercises so that you can find a practice or practices that you might use as part of a regular commitment to mindfulness practice. Chig-gong practices are interesting in that they both energize and calm at the same time. The perfect thing for our current moment in history that seems to elicit both sluggishness and anxiety.

So, most of you will be complete novices at this technique. Allow yourself to be a beginner like a child would be…with curiosity and openness and without self-consciousness or judgment. Watch this guided Qigong practice for beginners. Throw yourself into the activity 100%.

Just notice how you feel differently after moving your body and breathing deeply. Hopefully you feel more alert and energized. Use your energy for something meaningful today.

FYI-Click here for a brief description of the history of Qi-gong.

Be well.


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