Mindfulness Activity #48

Mindfulness Activity #48


In Japan, a practice called shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is popular. In essence it is immersing yourself in nature. Thousands of studies have shown a host of positive effects associated with being in nature. I have included links for you to read about the positive effects of nature on health, and to read more about forest bathing. I hope you find time to read these after your practice.

Research indicates that 2 hours a week of being in nature can be life changing and life sustaining. Many people have a bit more time now. For those working harder than before because of the Corona Virus, you have even more reason to try find a little time to get outside. For those in the Northeast, warmer weather is here and plants are growing, birds are singing, and the sun is shining.

Today, for your practice, dress comfortably for the weather where you are and find a place to sit or walk where you can see trees and grass. For those in cities, take a walk through a park if you can. If you are in the country, even easier. For those who are unable to get outside for any reason, no worries, you can watch the following clip to experience nature.

The instruction for the practice is simply to use all your senses to experience nature. When you are outside, look, smell, listen, and touch…If you are watching video, look and listen and you may use your imagination to connect with smells and feelings that are associated with the experience on the nature video clip. Don’t forget to really breathe in and out as you make your way through your practice. Make it as long as time allows.

Clip for virtual practice (less than five minutes)

Clip for virtual practice (20 minutes)

After your practice take a moment to experience gratitude for your time with nature. Consider how much you spend time outside and whether you would like to make time outside with nature a part of your regular habits.

Hoping for some moments of peace in your day today!



FYI: Information on benefits of nature and forest bathing—




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