Mindfulness Activity #44

Mindfulness Activity #44

Spreading Kindness

Good Morning!

Today, I thought that we might focus on kindness. Kindness mindfulness practices provide us with access to positive feelings. They make us feel happy and secure and help us to remember that even in difficult times all is not lost.

Another thing about kindness mindfulness practices is that they often generate positive energy. I think energy is something that can be difficult to maintain in our current circumstances. Many of the small interactions that happen every day during life before COVID are absent. Those interactions provided little rewards to keep us motivated. So, today, I thought we could use a kindness practice to generate energy.

What will you use your energy for today? You might need it to focus and to do work. You might need it to be attentive to how you treat other people in your environment. You might need it to find activities to fill your day. One of the great things about the kind of energy generated by this type of practice, is that it is positive energy…not nervous energy or energy derived from anger. Don’t get me wrong, all energy can be helpful and can motivate us to action. But there is a special thing that happens when one has joyful, compassionate energy from kindness practice. Kindness is something that spreads. We are acutely aware how interactions can spread germs quickly. One person touches many who touch many others and so on. Each of us has the ability to impact the people we live with and work with, or even people we are apart from with kindness and good feelings. Just like a virus can spread, so can kind acts and good feelings. When there is tension and sadness and stress, even small kind acts create positive feelings in others and in the environment. When passed on, kind acts multiply and change our environment.

So today’s practice is a very short guided practice in kindness. Please sit comfortably, take a few breaths to settle in and to become ready to practice, click the following link and begin…

Now reflect, do you feel differently than before your practice? With whatever energy or good feelings you notice in yourself, make a decision to do something that will spread that feeling to at least one other person. Try to spread kindness in all you do today.

Be well…



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