Mindfulness Activity #31

Mindfulness Activity #31

As I look out my window this morning and hear the birds, the ground in covering in a light blanket of late season snow. Tomorrow’s forecast predicts a sunny 60 degree day. It’s hard to keep up with changes day to day. Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in a particular way. That particular way is without judgment or attachment. I can take in the sight, smell, and feel of snow or I can wish it were warm and sunny. The first way is mindful and the second, actually creates unpleasant sensations. Any time we do not get what we want, we feel deprived.

Have any of you ever done that about the start of your day? Wished it was an hour earlier and you could have more sleep? Or wished it wasn’t so cold, or hot, or early, or dark? Sometimes one of the hardest things that we can do is to wake up and accept that the day is here.

Yoga provides a way to accept and engage with the day, using your body to connect to the world and your day. Sun Salutations are a series of stretches that flow into one another and that energize the body to begin your day. Sun Salutations have been used for centuries as a way to honor the new day and to greet the morning. Now, the thing is that all of you probably have very different levels of experience with yoga practice. So, I am going to include two links that are both appropriate for beginners. If you have a practice, do your practice. But if yoga is new to you, try one of the short practices below. Neither requires a yoga mat…

The first two links are not sun salutations but they are very brief stretching yoga very safe for beginners or peopel any age…

Chair stretching

7 minute practice (for older adults)

If you have a yoga mat, and a bit of experience, try this traditional sun salutation practice

Now you have greeted your day. Notice if your day is any different when you begin it by accepting and greeting the day.



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