Mindfulness Activity #184

Mindfulness Activity #184

Breath to Create Positive Energy

Good Morning. I was thinking about how amazing it is that the people I work with have been able to continue to deliver services to people throughout lockdowns and quarantines. Sometimes with the use of Zoom or other virtual platforms and sometimes with fairly elaborate PPE and sanitizing procedures. Then I thought about school and how teachers have had to pivot to online or blended models. Then I thought, “how exhausting!” We are getting things done, but often with more effort and the result is everyone is tired-physically and emotionally. It can be difficult under the current circumstances to begin the day with an optimistic stance.

We need to work just a little bit harder to stay even keeled. We might find ourselves a little sluggish or down. Today’s practice is designed to refuel you and to create positive energy.

We have practiced many variations of breathing, combining different sensations with awareness of top of the breath. Today’s practice is Breath to Create Positive Energy. This can be done seated or laying down on a bed or on a mat on the floor. Settle in and set a timer for three minutes.

Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose until you feel your lungs filled to capacity. Notice the “top of the breath.” When there is no more room in your lungs and you notice the breath transition from in-breath to out-breath, slowly force all of the air out of your lungs. Remember to allow your exhale to be a little longer than your inhale. Whenever you feel ready to add the next layer, on your next inhale imagine focusing on any worry thoughts, stress, pain, or irritability. Imagine your breath transforming this nervous energy into bright, light-filled optimistic energy. Imagine the oxygen giving you nourishment and energy. On your exhale, focus on breathing out transformed energy. Imagine your exhale releasing positive energy, warmth, and good will out into the world. If you are bothered by a recurrent negative thought or emotion, just notice it, but on your exhale say to yourself “all is ok.” Imagine spreading positive energy to those you know and care about, as well as anyone you come into contact with. With every exhale, wish yourself and others wellness and positive feelings. Feel increased levels of energy and grow them with each breath.

When done, reflect on your energy level and feelings about beginning the day. Have they changed?

This is a type of loving kindness practice that uses breath rather than words to activate positive feelings and energy. Later today, if you would like to lift your energy or your mood, return to 2 or three deep breaths and focus on the thought that all is ok on your exhale.

Wishing you positive energy today.


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