Mindfulness Activity #112

Mindfulness Activity #112


Yesterday, we focused on the idea of mindfulness for creativity and innovation. What is necessary for that creativity is risking failure. We must realize that most situations allow for repeated small failures and corrections and that this is how we find solutions. One aspect of life that has garnered a lot of attention these days is the idea of vulnerability. You have to dare to reach out and expose yourself as being imperfect to find real connectedness.

Brene Brown calls vulnerability the birthplace of creativity and all positive emotions. The Dalai Lama discusses the idea of warm-heartedness which brings piece of mind. He teaches that being open, vulnerable, and trusting is the key to warm heartedness. Dare to risk being authentic. Dare to express an idea and be wrong. Perhaps our experience has taught us that being wrong gets us punished. If you grant yourself the permission to be authentic and to try hard without the necessity to be perfect, you can develop an easy manner with yourself. The Dalai Lama does not take much too seriously. He is often laughing, pranking, with a full sense of humor. He understands that he can be playful AND serious and that his playfulness connects him to others.

What does vulnerability do for us? It brings us authentically closer to others. Over time, when we see we can be vulnerable and that nothing bad happens, it gives us peace of mind and a sense of well-being. It affords us a sense of playfulness and lightness. So how do we cultivate vulnerability?

Try this practice today…

Then, the real practice is mindfulness in action in your life. As you move throughout the day, do not be defensive. Be honest and authentic and dare to be vulnerable. Concentrate on your intentions and efforts instead of needing to prove you are ok. You are enough and your efforts are enough. Allow yourself moments of imperfection. Try to see humor in the everyday. Cultivating this type of easy manner requires vulnerability, some small humiliations, and the revelation that all is fine even if you are imperfect. This is not easy, especially for type A personalities who like to control (like me and maybe you too). No matter who you are, try to be a little vulnerable and have an easy sense of humor.

Wishing you good humor today.


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