Mindfulness Activity #103

Mindfulness Activity #103


Good Morning. For those of you who have been practicing with these email blasts since we first self-isolated in New York (mid-March), we have practiced together for over 100 days! I have tried to send out a wide variety of practices so that people new to mindfulness could see all the different ways to practice. I thought we might deepen our practice by focusing a little more deeply on specific concepts for a few days at a time. Recently, we did a week on relaxation practices.

For those who do not wish to focus on the same practice for a series, you can simply go back to some of the practices we have done already and repeat them.

For the next deeper exploration of an area of mindfulness, I have just found a really great 10-day mini-course available on Insight Timer. For those who do not know about Insight Timer, they have one of the largest online libraries of mindfulness practices, as well as an online mindfulness timer-all available free of charge. So, if you have some time, explore the site.

The Course we will practice together is called Simple Tools for Self-Acceptance. So, here is Day 1 of this series…

Sit tall, take a breath and click to begin. Listen for a five-minute instruction and five-minute practice…


Reflect on this instruction. What did you learn about yourself? Do you find it easy to accept yourself, or can you be very critical of yourself? Most of us have an inner critic that can be more harmful than helpful. If you find that your self-reflection sometimes leaves you feeling less motivated, less capable, and less joyful–then keep practicing for the rest of the series with me.

Wishing you an easy day!


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