2021 Live Webinar Subscription

Our 2021 Live Webinar Subscription is now available for purchase! In 2021, we will be hosting 12 webinars on a variety of applicable topics, relevant to mental health professionals at all stages of their career. 

$500 Flat Fee, a $1,200 Value

From now until 1/31/21, for a flat fee of $500, you will get access to our entire 2021 Live Webinar lineup--a $1,200 value.

2 Content Series

We are offering 2, 4-part series, one on The Importance of Risk Communication and another on the MMPI-3.

4 Standalone Webinars

We will host 4 standalone webinars focused on critical topics in clinical neuropsychology, ranging from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to Executive Dysfunction, and more.

MMPI-3 Series

MMPI-3 is a personality assessment geared to diagnosing a patient’s potential mental health problems, and is best suited to mental health, medical, forensic, and public safety environments. We will host the below 4 MMPI-3 webinars, each with unique applications.

Family Court Evaluations (September 22, 2021)

The Importance of Risk Communication Series

Risk communication is one of the most important tools in a mental health professional’s toolkit, primarily leveraged to implement management strategies and prevent violence. We will host the below 4 Importance of Risk Communication webinars, each with unique applications.

 Short Reports (February 17, 2021)

Long Reports (March 17, 2021)

Expert Testimony (April 14, 2021)

Standalone Content: Critical Topics in Clinical Neuropsychology