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An Analysis of Problem-Solving Court Programs

Policymakers, researchers, and legal practitioners should look beyond the name designation of the court and instead focus more on the quality and consistency of program implementation across specialized court programs (SCPs) more generally when deciding what type of program will best serve offenders and the court community. This is the bottom line of a recently […]

Madmen with guns: The relationship between mental health and mass shootings in the United States

Increasing firearm responsibility and safety and reducing mental health stigma to allow seeking treatment may benefit violence prevention efforts and minimize mass shootings. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. Below is a summary of the research and findings as well as a translation of this […]

Race and Ethnicity in Forensic Mental Health Reports: Biasing or Informative?

The reporting of the evaluee’s race or ethnicity (ERE) in forensic mental health reports (FMHR) has risks and benefits, however, few resources provide guidance on when and how to include this information. This article examines the available information on and explores reasons in support of and against including ERE in FMHR. The benefits and potential […]

Cultural Competence: More than a Catch Phrase

Forensic mental health professionals are increasingly tasked with evaluating defendants who are culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse. There remains, however, little guidance on how to apply cultural competency principals to forensic mental health assessment. This article reviews some of the challenges that arise during such evaluations and practice recommendations that can mitigate these challenges. This […]

Translating risk factors into treatment needs for juveniles with sex offenses

Shifting the focus from risk prediction to treatment and remediation can benefit public policy by improving juvenile outcomes, reducing management cost, and providing substantially more reliable input for the court and all providers. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in Translational Issues in Psychological Science. Below is a summary of the […]

Impact of report framing on juvenile probation officers’ decision making

Findings from this study caution against using negatively framed language in court reports, given its detrimental impacts on JPOs’ perceptions of youths’ compliance and their recommendations to sanction youth and revoke probation. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in Law and Human Behavior. Below is a summary of the research and […]