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Mindfulness Activity #200

Better Sleep I joke with one of the administrators that I work with that I needed to get a mouth guard because of the stress associated with working with them. The truth is none of us are immune to stress. Mindfulness absolutely helps with the way in which we take in, process and manage stress. […]

At what cost? Insanity defense evaluations for misdemeanor charges

Evaluations of legal sanity addressing only misdemeanor charges are not rare and appear distinct from sanity evaluations addressing more serious offenses. Misdemeanor charges appear to be associated with higher rates of defendant psychosis and insanity. Thus, results raise questions about the appropriateness of pursuing potentially costly, and resource-intensive, insanity defenses for misdemeanor charges, and whether […]

Mindfulness Activity #199

Breath to Create Positive Energy Good Morning. Whenever you wake up and are just not feeling it, you have a choice to struggle to get through the day or to make a shift. Today’s practice shifts mood with breath through. This can be done seated or laying down on a bed or on a mat […]

Mindfulness Activity #198

Persistence Good Morning. Zen teaches us that often our problems often result from misperception. Take for instance, Seligman’s puppies. There was a science experiment that involved puppies being locked into a pen and shocked. The puppies tried to escape, but they failed. Soon, the experimenters unlocked the door to the pen, but the animals remained. […]

Mindfulness Activity #197

Mindfulness with Light There is a difference between noticing something and being mindful. Being mindful involves noticing as something happens (not making sense of your experience afterwards) and it involves noticing without judgment. Today’s practice is to use your senses to take in light and shadows without judgment… If you can do this practice outside, […]

Mindfulness Activity #196

Mindfulness with Weight Good Morning. Today’s practice involves sensation to weight. Many people are feeling unsteady in the world. Many, many things in the future are unsure and out of our control. Mindfulness teaches us that acceptance can protect us from unnecessary suffering. The suffering comes from inability to accept our emotions about unpleasant things […]

Mindfulness Activity #195

Join My Brief Mindfulness Practice Today Good Morning! Cold and rainy here…thought we could try a mindfulness I recorded this spring. For this practice, just sit and notice the sights and sounds of nature. Wishing for a calm day for each of you and if it cannot be calm, wishing you a quick return to […]

eHealth in the Forensic Context – What are our Next Steps?

eHealth and Telehealth technologies are booming in the clinical psychological field, however unique considerations are needed in the forensic context. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health. Below is a summary of the research and findings as well as a translation of this research […]

Mindfulness Activity #194

Willfulness Good Morning. Nothing grows willfulness and anger like willfulness in others. Anytime you feel like you have locked horns with someone, you can probably feel willfulness. Whether dealing with a toddler who repeats NO over and over, a teenager stuck in their position, or when you are in a conflict with a partner or […]

Mindfulness Activity #193

Using Mindfulness to Regulate Mood Good Morning. One of the main benefits of mindfulness I sell to people is the fact that when you train your mind with practice, you can control your attention and your mood instead of having your day determined by negative thoughts or unpleasant emotions. When you deepen your mindfulness practice, […]

Investigative Interviewing with Minimally Verbal Adults – Best Practices and New Findings

Investigative interviewing with minimally verbal adults requires a unique scaffolding approach for recalling repeated events of victimization. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law em>. Below is a summary of the research and findings as well as a translation of this research into practice. Featured Article […]