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Mindfulness Activity #21

Good Morning… It is a rainy day here where I am writing to you. One of the principles of mindfulness is doing what is effective. Rain is soothing and helps to wash things away. Being effective means not wishing for sun, rather using what is here in the present. So, today I ask you to […]

Ethical guidance from APA for the COVID-19 era

The American Psychological Association has compiled advice from psychologists on ethical practice, research, teaching and applied work as professionals across the field adjust to a sudden shift in working conditions. This is a great article that provides some useful guidance as well as a number of helpful resources. Please check out the article here. The […]

Mindfulness Activity #20

Good Morning! There is a strong body of research that indicates the value of being outside in nature. Studies have shown that individuals who spend regular time outside experience benefits such as lower blood pressure and lower stress hormone levels. Using our senses to connect to nature has been demonstrated to reduced nervous system arousal […]

Mindfulness Activity #19

Good Morning, It is so easy to just “go through the motions” or to begin your day without ever actually waking up and paying attention. We can be foggy, confused, or disconnected. Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote a book about mindfulness called, “Falling Awake.” It is important to notice everything inside and outside us, without pushing it […]

Mindfulness Activity #18

There are usually rhythms and schedules that structure and mark movement through our days and weeks. For many of us, these routines are disrupted. Today, is a Sunday. It is cloudy where I am, as if it isn’t sure whether it wants be a Spring day or not. For many of us, we are sort […]

Mindfulness Activity #17

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend in Canada who runs a large mental health service. She’s given me permission to share her story because she said that these daily mindfulness practices have been helpful to her and besides, she noted, most of you are in another country and do not know her… She and […]

Bail reform: Public’s opinion on using pretrial risk assessment algorithms

Incorporating the public’s opinion into the decision-making process may promote the legitimacy of California’s new pretrial process and the use of risk assessment algorithms in the criminal justice system in general. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. Below is a summary of the research and […]

Mindfulness Activity #16

Radical Acceptance Mindfulness People say there are things that should never happen like children dying before their parents. It’s true that almost any terrible, sad, painful, unjust action causes immeasurable pain. Large and small injustices create discomfort in the form of despair and anger. If you read the news or search your personal memory banks, […]

Mindfulness Activity #15

Good Morning! Have you ever had days where you are trying not to think about something upsetting, but it seems like you can’t stop thinking about that very thing? You tell yourself not to think about it, but it comes back stronger? Many people right now are finding it difficult not to think about their […]

Mindfulness Activity #14

It is the first of April and on the East Coast, in NY where I live, the first sunny morning in many days. Something to be grateful for. When I teach mindfulness, people who do not like it often list one of three reasons. The first is that it is not consistent with their religion. […]

Mindfulness Activity #13

Today’s practice is about emotions. Our recent circumstances have increased the frequency of many emotions that are unpleasant ones, and at the same time, removed us from many of the activities that generate positive feelings for us. We can feel out of balance…frightened all the time, or down. This is a nearly universal experience. Right […]