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Mindfulness Activity #78

Perseverance Good Morning. It is a bedrock principle of Zen that change is not possible without acceptance. One must radically accept that a problem exists and fully accept the magnitude of a problem, its consequences, and our feelings and thoughts about a problem in order to move towards fruitful action. We all have a problem […]

Mindfulness Activity #77

You have the right to be seen Good Morning. Today is my third son’s birthday. He is a gift– a kind soul who is very thoughtful about the experiences of others. He has made me think about the fact that how we as a nation treat our people is reflective of how we allow children […]

Mindfulness Activity #76

Thoughts on Sangha Good Morning. Today I am tired. I slept well, but I’m still tired. Today we will focus on what to do when staying connected is emotionally exhausting. Yesterday, we talked about the importance of staying in the present, even if the present is painful. It is important for us, but even more […]

Mindfulness Activity #75

Transforming Injustice Through Compassion Good Morning. Today, it is good to notice that the sun is shining. But, the anguish in our country is painfully clear. My thoughts are swirling. So permit me a little more dialogue than usual to try to express my thoughts for today. I’d like to offer my understanding of what […]


The racial, economic, and moral injustices Black people, and Indigenous people and People of Color, have experienced in this country are entwined with America’s history of slavery, colonization, racism, and the systemic structures that keep them in place. Our duty, as mental health practitioners, trainers, and helping professionals, is to dismantle these systems as best […]

Beyond translation: A deeper dive into the cultural considerations of risk-assessment in Latin America

Conducting culturally competent violence risk assessment is a multi-faceted and complex process. Key differences exist not only in the risk profiles of Latin-American offenders but also in the process and ethos around risk assessment by Latin-American professionals. More work is needed to make violence risk assessment measures culturally and geographically appropriate. This is the bottom […]

Mindfulness Activity #74

Mindfulness to Atrocity Sometimes mindfulness involves remaining present to emotions even when they are unpleasant. A great deal of injustice is possible because people turn away from feeling the suffering of others. It can either be too distant for us to connect to, or it can be so overwhelming that those who can, avoid. Today’s […]

Mindfulness Activity #73

Mindfulness with Art Continued Good Morning. For the last two days, if you have been following along, we have been practicing mindfulness by observing a piece of art. Today, we will continue this practice, adding in switching from piece to piece. It does not matter if you enjoy weekends in museums looking at art or […]

Mindfulness Activity #72

Mindfulness with Modern Art Good Morning. Today we will continue to use art as a focus of mindfulness. The painting you will observe today was painted by Fernand Léger in 1920 (above). Léger was a prolific French artist whose work was strongly influenced by cubism. He showed his work at the Salon d’Automne in Paris. […]

When Assessing Sexual Violence, Guided Clinical Decision Making Can Outperform Algorithms

The RSVP can be reliably used in routine sexual violence risk assessments and produce judgments consistent with those of other actuarial instruments. When selecting risk instruments for use in practice settings, the RSVP may be a good choice in light of its good psychometric properties and its potential utility with respect to risk management planning. […]

Mindfulness Activity #71

Mindfulness with Art Mindfulness can be practiced with any or all of your senses. It seems particularly easy to use our sense of vision to take in the complex details and beautiful sights present in the outdoor world. Today, however, where I am writing to you, it is raining– and the forecast indicates rain all […]