Dr. Lorraine Johnstone, BA(Hons)., DClin.Psychol, AFBPS, is a Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Visiting Professor, and Head of Child and Family Clinical Psychology. Alongside her extensive clinical experience working with individuals with violent behavior problems, Lorraine has worked with residents and staff teams based in a range residential settings (secure and unlocked hospital settings, prisons, care homes, secure children’s homes, etc). Building on her clinical knowledge base, over the last decade or so, Lorraine has also worked in roles charged with service delivery. She is experienced in working with complex systems where many and diverse factors impacting and influence the organizational functioning. Across her career to-date, Lorraine has worked with many institutions using PRISM to inform risk management, service delivery, service development as well as benchmarking areas of good practice. Lorraine has led several PRISM evaluations across the UK and Europe and has been successful in achieving change in even the most entrenched and challenging settings. She has also consulted to and supported colleagues from other countries including New Zealand and the US who have implemented PRISM in their own settings.