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Cognitive Consultants International (CCI-HQ) specializes in taking a cognitive neuro-scientific approach to applied real-world consultancy and research. In a nutshell, that means that we apply our knowledge and understanding of the human brain and cognitive system to resolve practical problems and human factors issues in the real world.

We are proud to partner with Cognitive Consultants International for live and on-demand event training programs.

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Itiel Dror, PhD

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Dr. Itiel Dror is a cognitive neuroscientist who received his Ph.D. at Harvard (1994) in the area of cognitive factors in human expert performance. Since his Ph.D. over twenty years ago, Dr. Dror has been researching this area, and has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles specifically looking at cognitive factors that mediate human expert performance. His insights and understanding of the human brain and cognitive system underpin the workshop. Without such deep knowledge, it is not possible to properly deliver a workshop on the ‘cognitive factors’. 


"This training was excellent across all aspects and invaluable for someone like me who, due to geographical remoteness, do not get access to training in these kinds of measures – or to this standard. Thank you again for allowing me to participate."

- Armon Tamatea, Senior Lecturer - The University of Waikato