From Combat Vet to Counselor – A Conversation with Duane France: EP136

Listen HereEpisodePresenterLinks and ReferencesCitationThanksEpisodeAbout this Episode: In this episode, Dr. Aaron Smith interviews Duane France – a combat veteran, award winning counselor, author, and advocate for Veterans. Duane is the host of one of the most prolific Veterans mental health podcasts – the Headspace and Timing Podcast – and has published numerous books, including Combat [...]
By Amber Watkins | PTSD . Thoughtful Counselor

Negative Affectivity as an Explanation for the Overlap between Psychopathy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This large study of undergraduate students provides insight into the shared and distinctive etiologies of psychopathy and post-traumatic stress disorder, yielding implications for prevention and intervention efforts for offenders with these disorders. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health. Below is a summary of […]


42 Free Articles on PTSD from Routledge

Routledge Journals has made the following articles on the topic of PTSD from the Routledge Trauma Journals Portfolio available with Free Access until December 31st, 2014. To access these articles, please click the links below. PTSD and Psychological Impact Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicide Risk: A Systematic Review, Archives of Suicide Research The Sensory Profile […]

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