From Combat Vet to Counselor – A Conversation with Duane France: EP136

Listen HereEpisodePresenterLinks and ReferencesCitationThanksEpisodeAbout this Episode: In this episode, Dr. Aaron Smith interviews Duane France – a combat veteran, award winning counselor, author, and advocate for Veterans. Duane is the host of one of the most prolific Veterans mental health podcasts – the Headspace and Timing Podcast – and has published numerous books, including Combat [...]
By Amber Watkins | PTSD . Thoughtful Counselor

Negative Affectivity as an Explanation for the Overlap between Psychopathy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This large study of undergraduate students provides insight into the shared and distinctive etiologies of psychopathy and post-traumatic stress disorder, yielding implications for prevention and intervention efforts for offenders with these disorders. This is the bottom line of a recently published article in the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health. Below is a summary of […]